Client Configuration

All Sesam client installations require the following:

  1. Proper forward name resolution of it's own hostname (sepclient)
  2. Proper reverse name resolution of the server's ip address(
  3. Proper reverse name resolution of any other media server's ip address(
  4. You must run sm_setup set_client sepserver as root or Administrator

We also recommend:

  1. Hostnames in all lower case, containing no periods or blank space
  2. All systems available in both full forward and reverse dns with proper fqdn

Quick Tests on the client:

  1. hostname
  2. nslookup sepclient.dom.tld
  3. nslookup
  4. ping -c 1 sepclient
    response from sepclient.dom.tld
  5. ping -c 1 sepserver.dom.tld
    response from sepserver.dom.tld
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