SEP Software’s World-Class Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Platform-Independent - SEP backs up heterogeneous environments of any size
  • Multi-Streaming Technology - Back up unlimited streams to maximize performance and decrease backup windows by 50-98%
  • Virtual Environments - Agentless solution includes image-level backups and single-file restore options. Supported platforms: VMware, Hyper-V, RHV, Citrix XenServer, and Xen.
  • Disaster Recovery - Bare metal restore for Windows & Linux to similar or dissimilar hardware.

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SEP is Available for Mac OS X

SEP Software’s world-class backup and disaster recovery solution is available for Mac OS X. 

  • Protect your Mac servers, laptops and workstations with a single, easy-to-use backup solution. 
  • Access data from any location and restore it to any location.
  • Manage remote backup servers from one console with SEP sesam's simple GUI architecture.

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Data Security for Virtualized Environments

SEP offers solutions for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization, Citrix XenServer, KVM/QEMU, z/VM, Nutanix AHV and OpenNebula. These fully integrated solutions for virtual machines allow for maximum of flexibility to determine backup strategies in heterogeneous environments.

  • Agentless technology
  • Single-file restore for VSS on Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Disaster recovery module can synchronize virtual environments to any offsite location
  • Convert between virtual and physical servers [V2P and P2V]

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A Single Solution for Heterogeneous Environments of Any Size

Supporting the widest range of operating systems and databases, SEP offers a single solution to manage any heterogeneous environment. 

Á la carte licensing reduces costs and allows users to customize services as company needs expand and budgets allow.

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What people are saying

"It's clean, it's fast and it just works. SEP sesam's performance is a night and day difference compared to our old solution. I've been very impressed and would recommend this software to anyone!"

-- Greg Molyneux - IT Director

The SEP sesam solution provides everything we were looking for and has been a real value both in time saved on manpower and backup speed.

-- Cory McMahon, IT Administrator

"The software was so easy to install compared to our last solution I had to call SEP to make sure everything was really installed correctly."

-- Paul Rudin, Bank Officer and Network Administrator
SEP sesam at Grand Bank of Trust Florida

"Both my backups and restores are so amazingly fast. Seiously, I do a restore and it takes about 5 seconds. I really can't believe it. We are so thrilled with SEP."

-- Jacques Lauzon, IT Analyst
College Jean-de-Brébeuf

"When you're capturing huge amounts of environmental research data that is unique and precious then it is vital that you have a backup solution you can rely upon. We selected SEP sesam, due to its robust and scalable nature and because it supports a wide range of operating systems"

-- B. Tullis, British Antarctic Survey
SEP sesam in British Antarctic Survey

 "I've been in the industry for 30 years and this is the best software I have used in that time. Not limited to backup software either. I mean the best software, period."

-- Mark Lahut, Associate Executive Director for Operations

"The speeds we're getting from SEP are unbelievable compared to our previous backup software! We are very happy!"

-- Scott Hardesty, Technology Coordinator

"Thanks to SEP sesam we had reliable backups immediately, and now restoring our critical data is fast, easy and accurate."

-- John Carlton, Network Administrator
Pflugerville ISD Purchases SEP sesam to Implement Major SAN and Server Migration

"After extensive testing we are completely satisfied that we've found the best possible solution at the best price on the market today."

-- Greg Milne, Senior Technical Specialist

"Since installing SEP sesam, the time we spend working on backup-related issues has shrunk by a factor of 90%. In addition, the acquisition cost for SEP sesam was less than our annual maintenance fee for the old backup solution."

-- John Carpenter, IT Director
SEP sesam at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business

"The performance of SEP sesam went above and beyond what we expected of the product.... The time it takes to complete a full backup has decreased by 235%!"

-- Dustin Hurshman, Network Engineer
City of Thousand Oaks, CA

"With SEP sesam we found a truly world-class solution that allows us to implement a desired backup strategy that was never before possible."

-- El Lagrew, Director of IT and Storage Management
The International Community Finds SEP sesam - Katun Corp. Installs sesam in 10 Countries World-Wide

"We evaluated and tested quite a few different backup software solutions over a three-year period, and nothing fulfilled our needs until we tried SEP sesam."

-- Michael Juarez, District LAN Coordinator
SEP sesam at Alpine School District

"The result was just astonishing. SEP sesam was able to do a full backup within 3 to 4 hours, whereas before it took us 4 days to get that done using our existing Yosemite solution on exactly the same hardware."

-- Frank Uittenbosch, Administrator for Windows/Linux infrastructure
SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

"SEP sesam on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 enables us to reliably secure and back up even our most sensitive data. ... Another asset of the new backup and recovery system is its cost effectiveness."

-- Karl Bach, IT Tech

"We wanted to work directly with SEP for the backup of our Citrix XenServers... After the installation, backups have operated flawlessly ever since... It has been what ever IT Director hopes to obtain someday!"

-- Frank Rausch, IT Director
Public Utility Company of Potsdam Implements Xen & Now for their Virtual Environment

"We're backing up all our servers from VMware virtual servers to physical Microsoft and Linux servers. SEP sesam allows us to use one software for every platform. No other software we looked at came close."

-- Tim Ashman, IT Manager
SEP sesam at Andersen Construction Company

Latest News

Mar. 20 2018
Lifeboat to Distribute SEP Software’s Enterprise Class Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Agreement will help SEP Software Corp. develop a strong partner community in the channel

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Sep. 6 2017
SEP Enhances Fully Integrated Backup Solution for Red Hat Virtualization

Boulder, CO – September 5, 2017 – The newest release of SEP’s backup and disaster recovery solution, version 4.4.3...


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