Working together for a common goal

Providing the right data protection solution requires industry specific knowledge and cooperation. SEP is committed to providing customers with perfect solutions for growing data backup and recovery requirements. We work together with our partners to plan, coordinate and implement industry leading backup and recovery solutions using SEP software products.

As a SEP partner, your company will be able to leverage SEP products and expertise in the field of data availability and provide a world-class solution for your customers' data requirements. You will have access to the SEP knowledge base when you consult with and support your customer. SEP's partner discounts allow you to grow along side SEP.

Fit SEP into your growth strategy. As your knowledge base with SEP grows, your partner level will increase. Start at 'Registered Partner' by filling out the information on our web site. It's that easy.

As you become more acquainted with the functionality and versatility of SEP's software, you can move up the Partner Ladder from Registered to Certified to Gold. More expertise, more sales, more profit.

Develop your strengths in the field of data protection and showcase SEP's products and industry leading tools. Separate yourself from your competitors through SEP Marketing and Technical Training.

Program levels:

Each program level offers increasing benefits from SEP.

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