Distributor Guide

Required DNS configuration for Redistribution

SEP Provides access to a global content delivery network which can be used to provide direct redistribution to your customers at no additional cost. You must register this name with SEP for activation.

DNS settings for a sub domain used with the SEP CDN.

Name / Host / Alias Record Type Value / Destination
sep CNAME cloudfront.sepusa.com.

If your domain name is example.com you can test your setting was correct by inserting http://sep.example.com/ into a browser.

SSL certificates will be generated shortly after you register the url with SEP.

Deprecated (2016-1-1) rsync service

rsync service is available for partial mirroring of the SEP repository, speeds are limited and you should use the modern CDN instead.

example: rsync -vaPyz --delete-after --stats dl.sepusa.com::SEP/ /var/www/html/sep_mirror/

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