Certified Partner

SEP Certified Partner:

SEP Certified Partner, the second rung on your ladder to success!

To become a SEP Certified Partner:

  • Display SEP sesam and logos on your website with a link to http://www.sepusa.com
  • Sign our simple contract and accept the general terms and conditions
  • Attain a minimum SEP products sales volume
  • At least one employee has qualified for SEP Sales Expert
  • At least one employee qualified for SEP Tech Expert
  • Check your partner registration at www.sepusa.com to assure that all information is up to date.
  • You will also need to provide SEP with at least two (2) customer success stories. We will help you develop, write and release this valuable marketing information to the user community.

You obtain from SEP:

  • The SEP Certified Partner Logo
  • The SEP Certified Partner Certificate
  • Your website will be published on the SEP Partner site with your contact data, company logo and a company description
  • You receive leads from SEP Software and you will be supported by the SEP Sales Team (both pre and post consulting)
  • One SEP sesam NFR (not for resale) license with all available options with a validity period of 12 month with a renewal option to use SEP sesam for your company
  • Support for your company and for your customers when they have a valid support contract with SEP
  • You receive a SEP Certified You receive a SEP Registered Partner Kit (SEP sesam Media Kit, USB memory sticks with datasheets, presentations, customer references, image brochure and the current price lists, a SEP support order form and the SEP data security check list

The partnership must be renewed annually.

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