IBM PowerLinux Servers

Fast, secure, reliable and cross-platform backup solutions are more vital than ever in today's challenging IT environments. SEP's industry-leading technology provides high-performance backup and recovery for companies all over the world, including powerful Linux® platform-driven solutions.

SEP AG, SAP AG and IBM partnered to deploy a backup and recovery solution at Pneuhage Wheel Services on IBM PowerLinux servers, resulting in significant performance improvement. New block-level data-compression and deduplication technology reduced the Pneuhage data volumes by about 50 percent, and the entire transfer to a combination of a SEP sesam advanced server, SAP R/3 and IBM PowerLinux hardware stayed under budget and within the installation timeline.

For a system that demands security, reliability, high performance and the latest technology integrations, the partnership of IBM PowerLinux and SEP sesam delivers.


About IBM PowerLinux

IBM Power Systems are designed for exceptional performance, scalability and dynamic resource allocation. Single servers process more information with unique IBM features, resulting in more power in smaller spaces, and savings on total cost of system ownership and energy usage. With PowerLinux, the entire IBM server and storage product line can now integrate with Linux.



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