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SEP sesam licensing is designed to be competitive in both the SMB and enterprise markets. At SEP Software, we don't believe users should have to pay a great deal of money to get a fast, safe and reliable backup solution. SEP sesam is easy to implement and flexible to any growing or changing environment. Choose from Microsoft, Linux or Unix for the main SEP sesam server and add client licenses, along with online database and groupware modules. Add Disaster Recovery, SAN capabilities and virtual backup capability as needed.

Our simple, a la carte licensing model holds down costs. Users never pay for more software than is required. Add modules as company needs expand and as budgets allow. All attached computers running SEP sesam have immediate access to system installed backup devices.

Backup Software Licensing Made Simple & Accessible

SEP's licensing model begins with a main Backup Server, Remote Device Servers (Media Agents), Clients (Agents) and Databases or Groupware. The concept behind this model is to only license what the customer is actually using in order to be competitive in the SMB and enterprise markets.

SEP also offers a capacity-based licensing model that offers convenient and flexible licensing for continually changing environments. This model gives customers access to most features and functionality and the only relevant factor is the amount of data backed up. Therefore, customers are able to customize their backup solution to their specific budget and infrastructure.

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